Who We Are!

We are Odyssey Games, and we are here to bring you your gaming needs!

What We Do!

We run a multitude of Magic the Gathering Events every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

  1. Monday Night Modern
  2. Wednesday Night Drafting
  3. Friday Night Magic
  4. Every weekend we host table top gaming events
    1. Warmachine/Hordes
    2. Warhammer 40k
    3. Warhammer Fantasy
    4. X-Wing

    We always encourage open gaming! Got a group of friends that want to play a game, why not come down to the Odyssey to hang out!

    We go so far as to have open copies of most of the board games we sell for demos and open gaming! For a complete list check them out right HERE!

Where We Are!

1504 W. Michigan, Kalamazoo, Michigan